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02 February, 2019
vs Pafos FC
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PAFOS FC collaborates with PGS Lighting Electrical

PAFOS FC is pleased to welcome to #pafosfamily PGS Lighting Electrical as a #Blue_Supporter. An important partnership begins and we look forward to a common successful way. From today PAFOS FC acquires a valuable partner and friend, while materials from this collaboration have been used at the new offices as well as the renovated training centre of our team!

Established in 1981, PGS Lighting Electrical is a one-stop-shop offering integrated lighting solutions.
The company’s services include: lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor spaces, light bulbs of all kinds, home automation as well as the complete range of electrical supplies.

#PGS_Lighting_Electrical - #YouArePafos !

Electrical Store
Address: 48, Griva Dhigeni Str. 8101 Pafos
Telephone: (+357) 26-819040
Fax: (+357) 26-949433

Lighting Showroom
Address: 1 Souliou Str - 8027, Pafos
Telephone: (+357) 26-819041
Fax: (+357) 26-819141

New partnerships have begun. Be a proud supporter of PAFOS FC!
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